Introduction to the Uni Pro Range of Conveyors 

Belt widths from 300mm - 1500mm, our besoke design is made to be light-weight and unbelievably strong.

This is a great choice for the material handling or Warehouse industry. 

All types of belting offered.

The design has integral high sides for easy loading (nomore spillage). This Conveyor has our unique designed top tray bed.

It is designed this way so your belt that is running on the flat decking, allowing over-sized box handling.

At The Conveyor Shop we work to bring you the best range of bespoke Conveyors.

Various sizes and power combinations to fit your budget and availability.

from 110v -240v - 415v hydraulic powered.

We build using full sized steel roller sets that are built to last.

We offer also offer various finance options for your Conveyors.

Bolt these modular Conveyors together on-site saving time and money.


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Over band magnet Conveyor for 1000mm belt

Product no.: OB120

The Universal Conveyor has been designed for the heavy duty recycling industry light weight and strong

£5,995.00 *
In stock
can be shipped within 2 days
Delivery weight: 2,500 kg
* Prices plus VAT, plus delivery