2 ply Rubber Conveyor Belting

2 ply Rubber Conveyor Belting

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EP, fabric plies.

standard fabric inserts ply carcass are 2,3,4,5, ply and can be cut out to anysize from 100mm - 2500mm wide take a look at the standard sizes in our shop for more info call the team...

rated breaking strength (N/MM)

this is 10 times the calculated working tension of the number ofplys in the belt EG: 800/4 ply is 4 x 200 N/MM ply

Number of plys

the number of plys used to make up the total belt strength, NOTE: that more piles does not necessarily mean that the belt is stronger, EG: a 630/2 is stronger then a 500/3 ply 

Cover thickness

carry side (top cover) standard thickness, 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10mm + and more

back (bottom cover) standard thickness, 0,1,1.5,2,3,4mm + and more

cut edge and soild edge a cut edge is just that when the belt has been cut from a slab and not bourght in a standard width. 

for more information on making your belts endless either with a clip joint or hot vulcanised joint 

on site fitting is available upon request, 

contact the team 

some patterns sizes can change from the supplier to supplier

Minimum order quantities may apply 


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